The first time you swim in Open Water is one of the most difficult workouts a beginner swimmer and new triathlete will ever have to do.  The fear of the unknown, wearing a wetsuit and swimming without a black line can be daunting.  Add to that the cold water and many, understandably so, are apprehensive.  […]

How to stay motivated through your Entire Race Preparation Many start off gung how.  They are going to take triathlon by storm.  They do two, three even four workouts in a single day.  They do bricks, weights, yoga class, you name it.  That lasts for, oh many a week, even up to a month or […]

Have you heard what folks are saying about the new format of the Thursday night bike class? Not only will you get your bike training done but also important core workouts in. Just another reason to join in the fun: When: Every Thursday, 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. Where: Henderson Physical Therapy at 1358 Paseo Verdi […]

Join your training buddies at our first point-to-point brick workout of the year! The bike segment is only 26 miles so the Sha Bam! workout is perfect for many different races and goals. Go to the What to Expect and the Schedule for the Day on for complete details and, of course, to familiarize yourself […]

I have been teaching one form or another of group fitness for over 15 years.  However, I am not a yoga instructor, just a humble student. One of the many things about yoga is how the practice (what we triathletes and fitness folks call a workout), is ended. The instructor will place their hands in […]