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I have been teaching one form or another of group fitness for over 15 years.  However, I am not a yoga instructor, just a humble student. One of the many things about yoga is how the practice (what we triathletes and fitness folks call a workout), is ended. The instructor will place their hands in […]

Product Review: SaltStick

If you’re training in the Vegas heat, going long distances on the bike or the run, experiencing problems with chronic cramping, avoiding salt in your foods, or simply sweat a lot, then you’re going to need to to look at ways to keep your electrolyte and sodium levels up. I’ve used a number of salt […]

Key Attributes for Success in Triathlon

From my inside point of view, after coaching hundreds of athletes over the past few years I have noticed a few characteristics for success in this sport.  While the sport attracts all types, sizes and personalities these are the common characteristics for success that I have noticed in my athletes: Those who succeed in this […]


This piece was submitted by outdoor  community supporter Tony.  Thank you Tony for always watching over us.  We are blessed to have you in out lives. JAGGED BROKEN GLASS KARMA by Tony and Marge, May 2014 I was having a bad day at the end of a bad week. On short notice I decided to […]

Team XCELL: Members to be Highlighted

This summer I wrote a profile on Team XCELL member Melodie Cronenberg who graciously shared her triathlon experiences. That post became a hit with fellow team members and the greater Las Vegas, Nevada triathlon community. I’d love to highlight at least one Team XCELL member each month. Could that be you? If you’d like to […]