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I have been teaching one form or another of group fitness for over 15 years.  However, I am not a yoga instructor, just a humble student. One of the many things about yoga is how the practice (what we triathletes and fitness folks call a workout), is ended. The instructor will place their hands in […]

Showing Up Makes You a Winner

This past weekend, quite a few people raced hard or did very challenging workouts. One group ran 50 miles to achieve one woman’s birthday goal! In the beginning of your fitness journey — or when getting back into it — it can be hard to fathom to reach the point of being able to run […]

How to Stay Motivated to Achieve Any Goal

I love the positive, empowering message in this “How to Stay Motivated” illustration. What do you think? Do you believe it will help you stay focused and on course toward achieving your triathlon, fitness or overall health goals? Let me know!

Key Attributes for Success in Triathlon

From my inside point of view, after coaching hundreds of athletes over the past few years I have noticed a few characteristics for success in this sport.  While the sport attracts all types, sizes and personalities these are the common characteristics for success that I have noticed in my athletes: Those who succeed in this […]

Getting Unstuck: What’s Your Excuse?

“Why are some people stuck?” “Why do people remain stuck?” “Why can’t I get people unstuck?” These nagging questions have bothered me for years. Now, however grudgingly and annoyingly, I have reached an answer, based on my humble observations from the trenches of personal training and lifestyle coaching. I can’t fix everyone because not everyone […]