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I have been teaching one form or another of group fitness for over 15 years.  However, I am not a yoga instructor, just a humble student. One of the many things about yoga is how the practice (what we triathletes and fitness folks call a workout), is ended. The instructor will place their hands in […]

XCELL’s 2014 Clean Eating Challenge

If you’re participating in the 2014 XCELL Holiday Fitness Challenge and you want to score even more points on your way to a healthier lifestyle, then check this optional challenge: Level 1: Worth 10 points Eliminate the following from diet (in other words, don’t eat this!): Processed foods Refined sugar (white, raw, powdered, etc.) Added […]


Positive Mental Attitude, otherwise known as PMA!  Every day I have the distinct privilege of reading athlete training logs.  I read every single one of my coached athletes comments.  Mostly they are noting the time, the weather conditions or their fatigue levels.  Often more is shared.  Too often; it is something like this; I will […]

Getting Unstuck: What’s Your Excuse?

“Why are some people stuck?” “Why do people remain stuck?” “Why can’t I get people unstuck?” These nagging questions have bothered me for years. Now, however grudgingly and annoyingly, I have reached an answer, based on my humble observations from the trenches of personal training and lifestyle coaching. I can’t fix everyone because not everyone […]

SMART Goals: Get Help to Add Structure to Your Schedules

For the last few weeks, I’ve been sharing with you plenty of ideas and information that can help you get on the healthy path to overall fitness and sustainable weight loss. Do you feel motivated — even ENTHUSED — to get started and find ways to keep those inner fires burning? I hope so! You […]